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Portland Makers exist as a vibrantly diverse fusion of organizations, people, places, and events that converges during PDX Maker Week to inform, inspire, and ignite.

We are all Makers.

PDX Maker Week is a celebration of Portland's active and diverse Maker community. "What is a Maker?", you might ask. Well, Makers (though it's likely not all would agree) orbit somewhere around the intersection of craft, technology, hacking, DIY, enterprise and curiosity. If you're curious yourself, take a look at Maker Culture on Wikipedia

That said, and returning to PDX Maker Week ... PDX Maker Week consists of independently organized events and activities from the world of Maker craft, knowledge, and practice. Our mission is to highlight the cornucopia of local Makers, and encourage personal connection to Making as a foundation for learning, growth, social change, and entrepreneurship.


Christopher Clark, Robert Gallup

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